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Why do I love taking pictures?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

I often get asked who takes the photos shown on my Instagram account or on my website. Easy answer is: Myself - unless I am on it then the pictures are taken by my husband.

For me, photography has always been one of the most fascinating forms of art. The fact that you see the world through somebody else's eyes is simply beautiful to me. Some photographers even have the ability to reveal a glimpse of the soul, the inside of a person, an animal, or even the spirit of a city which is truly magical. Just think of Steve McCurry’s iconic portraits, where you see right into the person's heart, or Vivian Maier's street photography where New York City becomes alive. I think you get the point. What inspires me is when photography captures the hidden!

… and because I am not one of the gifted ones in this field I often combine my photos with words of mine or a quote before I am satisfied with the result.

Let’s talk about the outside shots too. Of course there is something satisfying about our way of digital picture taking and creating all these wonderful perfect images on platforms like Instagram. It is fun to play around with filters and special effects - and who doesn’t like a 'Like' ?

Photography has become a tool for every business, every person. Some of my favourites on Instagram are Tanya.Val and Peterkin Paper for their atmosphere and quality in every post.

Well, I figure if they are done well each side can tell us a story. They give us something more than what is visible in the picture, like a lifestyle idea, a sense of belonging, or a vision of freedom. Let's not forget that we are born with the longing for stories. It has been wired into us for tens of thousands of years. We used to tell them to each other around the fire, today we look for them in pictures on our mobile phone. So really, if I think about it my love for photography is in fact, one for story telling!

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