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Visual Poetry Design



I am a printmaker working from my studio on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The island and Australia’s natural wild beauty have become the inspiration for my designs - and my home.

I grew up in Germany in a small village called Balenbach. My greatest memories as a girl are riding through the woods on my pony and building shelters under the big oak trees. The connection to the natural world was set early on in life and so was my ‘wanderlust’. Traveling through Europe, experiencing different cultures, landscapes and languages became a passion after spending my childhood camping each year. 

My first destination: Australia. I wanted to experience the wild outback and the vast open spaces with limited human intervention compared to my homeland.

Well, Australia put a spell on me. Over the next two decades I kept coming back, meanwhile studying performing arts and cultural education in Bonn and later on moving to the Black Forest to live among contemporary artists in a shared ‘Atelier’. The Australian spirit and the unique natural assets of the red continent never let me stay away for too long. 

Like being born with itchy feet I also have been born with the love to create. No matter where I lived or travelled I always looked for a way to intertwine word and image into an artwork. Hoping to share with others what beauty I see in the world and in people.

Years on and I have made a lot of my dreams come true. I now live on Kangaroo Island amongst an abundance of wildlife and the mighty southern ocean on my doorstep. It is here that Visual Poetry Print Design came to life. I finally found what I was looking for and became a print designer - offering you a unique collection of handcrafted greeting cards and originals. 

I hope that my work might bring as much pleasure to you as it does give to me in its creation.


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