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A truly remarkable place

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I had always sought mother nature as a refuge in my life at times of need. To me she brought and continues to bring sense to my existence in this ever increasingly complex and digital world.

On Kangaroo Island during the COVID19 Pandemic, I was given a great opportunity to come closer to her true spirit and powers. By seeking her out I got rewarded with a moment of clarity that started my small print making business VPP Design.

I did a road trip to a site on the western edge of the island to a place called ‘Remarkable Rocks’. This place is a famous site to visit while on holiday at Kangaroo Island, but on this day, I was the only person as no tourists were allowed to come on the ferry to the Island.

The turquoise sea was wild with big waves smashing against the shore - building a perfect contrast to the static rock formation. Huge boulders rounded over centuries by weather have turned into architectural wonders. I don’t know how to put this without sounding a bit ‘trite’, but this place has a truly magical and spiritual quality, I am sure many people appreciate very much.

I wandered around admiring the smooth forms, trying to capture them with my camera. I had brought a thermos with tea, and after a while I found a spot out of the wind to have a rest. As I was sitting with my back against the rough and cool surface of a boulder, watching the waves break, time seemed to stretch out and opened up a new space in my mind. I closed my eyes and let this space grow bigger with every breath I took…

When I finally opened my eyes again, I could clearly see how I could transform my print designs into a product to share my love for nature with people. I started printing my first greeting card collection that very afternoon!

Why this happened on that day, at that spot, I will never know, and it doesn’t matter. I am forever grateful I was given that moment and the difference this path has made for my life already. Thank you, Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

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